martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Africa se levanta el 21 de septiembre. -1-

We are calling on all Africans in Africa and the diaspora to demonstrate at US embassies on the same day.

Fellow Africans, brothers and sisters of the media, today Africa is facing the most notorious gang of armed robbers in history. Africa is like the house. Libya is like the security door. US/NATO bombing is like the robbers using the concrete block to beat open the door. If they open up Libya with their bombing it will enable the armed robbers to enter with their weapons pointed at the entire African family. Their aim is to rob Africa at gunpoint with Africom and NATO, pointing their weapons at every African with their fingers on the trigger. In Africa the masses have discovered when the authorities fail to take decisive action against armed robbers they are usually getting something from the robbers and the masses themselves must organize and take decisive action to take out the armed robbers. It is time for mass organization and action!

Ghanaians and all Africans must stand with Libya in the spirit of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah on 21st September 2011, Osagyefo’s 102nd birthday; and MARCH ON THE US EMBASSY.

Qathafi: A Great African Leader and Revolutionary
Muammar Qathafi led the Libyan masses to forcibly remove the puppet of imperialism, King Idriss, from power and eliminated the US, British, and Italian, military bases from Libyan/African soil. He led the masses to take control of Libya’s rich oil resources, which were being robbed by US, UK, and Italian companies like, Occidental, Mobile, British Petroleum, and ENI. Qathafi wrote The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory to develop an ideology which guides the Libyan people and serves as an example for Africans and people of the world to create a just and righteous society based on right principles and independent thinking from their culture and history. This is similar to Nkrumah writing his book, Consciencism; philosophy and ideology for decolonization, in which Nkrumah stated, “practice without thought is blind, thought without practice is empty.”

Qathafi, like Nkrumah, is a great African thinker! Qathafi stepped down as Head of State in Libya in 1979 to cede full power to the Libyan masses over their political process and resources through their People’s Congresses and People’s Committee’s with direct democracy which was launched in 1977. The masses recognize Brother Leader Qathafi as “Leader of the Revolution” because of his good works, principled life, and full commitment and love for the masses of Libyans, Africans, and humanity.
Muammar Qathafi slept in a tent and maintained his mother and father in a tent until every Libyan FIRST had a home before his own family would get their home. He did this to set the example for the society. Today every Libyan owns a house!!!!! This is similar to Fidel Castro, who began land reform by seizing his mother’s plantation to set the example for the new order and gave the land to those who work on it; like Castro, Qathafi is a true revolutionary.


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